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Adina Kamkhatchi

Posted on January 07 2020


Adina’s Jewels began after Adina Kamkhatchi found that affordable jewelry she bought was not of high quality, didn’t last long and would turn her skin blue. At Adina’s, we sell long-lasting jewelry at an affordable price, and offer an endless assortment of gold vermeil and 14K gold pieces. We’ve decided to break down the differences between these materials.

Vermeil is a French term that means ‘gilded silver.’ Any gold vermeil item starts with a sterling silver base that is coated in gold. Vermeil can be coated with anything between 10K-24K gold.

To create Adina’s gold vermeil pieces, we make each item with two generous coats of liquid 14K gold. While we produce everything overseas, we constantly communicate with our artisans to ensure that manufacturing is up to our standards. 

We use gold vermeil as our primary material, as it is high in quality and achieves the look of fine jewelry without the high price tag.

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