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Adina Kamkhatchi

Posted on October 02 2020


Meet our Adina’s Personality of the Week: Megan Bugg!


Fearless. Confident. Passionate. Inspirational. These are only a few of the endless words that can be used to describe Megan Bugg. At 16 years old, Megan has experienced more of life’s challenges than most of us put together. She’s battled Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer for over 5 years with many relapses and remissions. Through countless chemo sessions, surgeries, radiation treatment and pain, this stalwart warrior reminds us “the life we’re given is a gift, and we should make the most out of it everyday.” Megan embodies this on a daily basis.

Regardless of the highs and lows, Megan has shown her straight-forward fearlessness through her personal mission to raise awareness and increase funding for childhood cancer. She does whatever it takes to fulfill this mission due to the startling fact that childhood cancer receives only four (4%) percent of all cancer funding. It’s Megan’s passion to change that and she has followed through on this passion by raising over $200,000 to date for new research and drugs to battle childhood cancer. And this is the only the beginning for Megan. She continues to fight and raise awareness with each day.

“Don’t sit around waiting for a change to happen, be the change!” This is one of Megan’s core message to not only the Adina’s community but the entire world. True to those exact words, Megan pushes toward change while rocking an amazing style. Megan shines bright with her feminine yet fierce style that easily transcends any kind of day.

From dainty pendant necklaces to personalized accents for any occasion, Megan’s favorite pieces all reflect an effortless and timeless design. It’s modern sophistication at its finest. Rock a dainty butterfly necklace and a mini nameplate choker, one of Megan’s go-to styles, for a delicate yet defined layered look that’s perfect for everyday wear. If you want to take Megan’s fantastic fashion choices and add to it, try stacking up a thin eternity band, a baguette wrap band and a couple dainty rings. This stacked combo compliments the delicate layered necklace collection with just the right amount of sparkle. Add a classic CZ stone butterfly stud set or a classic oval huggie pair for the full effect.

This perfect balance of modern meets classic shows off Megan’s resiliency, her courage, her graceful style and her passion for life and making a difference in the world. She’s the true definition of an Adina’s Gal. 

Be sure to check out and follow Megan’s journey on Instagram @megan_bugg7 to learn more about her and discover how you too can raise aware about childhood cancer and push towards a cure. Let’s band together to make Megan’s story heard throughout the world because that’s what our community does.


That’s what it means to be an #adinasgal and an #adinaspersonality.


Keep shining bright, Megan. We love you!

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