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Adina's Fancy Earrings

Adina’s Jewels Fancy Earring collection will definitely strike your fancy if you love empowering the queen within! These expertly crafted 14K earrings are the fashion-forward statement you need to make next time you plan an evening out and you want eyes to glide towards you from all directions! Embrace timeless sophistication with our Diamond X Emerald Chain Stud Earrings or enjoy a touch of whimsy with our Diamond Rose Flower Stud Earrings

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CZ Thin Round Hoop Earring
From $ 98.00 - $ 150.00
14K Gold
Princess Cut Stud Earring 14K
From $ 40.00 - $ 118.00
Juliette Stud Earring
$ 58.00
Baguette Hoop Earring
$ 98.00
Diamond Triple Row Huggie Earring 14K
$ 398.00
Diamond Flower Baguette Stud Earring 14K
$ 2,250.00
Diamond X Sapphire Oval Chain Stud Earring 14K
$ 268.00
Diamond X Sapphire Oval Huggie Earring 14K
$ 1,198.00
Diamond X Emerald Oval Stud Earring 14K
$ 548.00
Diamond X Ruby Huggie Earring 14K
$ 298.00
40% OFF
14K Gold
CZ Illusion Emerald Stud Earring 14K
$ 298.00
$ 498.00
Floating Diamond Drop Chain Huggie Earring 14K
$ 898.00
Diamond Rose Flower Stud Earring 14K
$ 698.00
14K Gold
Juliette Stud Earring 14K
$ 118.00

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