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Adina's Mens' Line is crafted exclusively in Italy. Treat yourself, friend, husband or father to our cool men's pieces, from dog tag necklaces to leather bracelets. They're great for everyday wear. Once you buy him some jewelry, treat yourself to either a necklace, earrings, or an anklet.


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Men's Antique Matte Beads Bracelet
$ 90.00
Men's Onyx Beaded Bracelet
$ 145.00
Men's Carbon Fiber Beaded Bracelet
$ 120.00
Men's Magen David Necklace
$ 120.00
Men's Round Box Bracelet
$ 120.00
Men's Neutral Bead Bracelet
$ 90.00
Men's Illusion Dog Tag Necklace
$ 145.00
Men's Bullet Necklace
$ 120.00
Men's Leather Screw Bracelet
$ 180.00
Men's Rounded Box Clasp Bracelet
$ 110.00
Men's Croc Leather Bracelet
$ 150.00
Men's Hematite Bracelet
$ 90.00

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