ClickCease Rewards – Adina's Jewels

Frequently Asked Questions

Initial term: The 12-month period that activates after you have unlocked your first tier. This term will only occur once.
New term(s): The 12-month period(s) that activates after you have been upgraded or downgraded between tiers. This will occur multiple times throughout yourprogress with the Loyalty Program.
Balance: The accrual spend of order totals during a given term.
Order total: Total amount that has been spent in a single order
Checkpoint: The 'balance' necessary to enter a new tier
New-tier purchase-:the purchase that has allowed you to surpass a checkpoint to enter a new tier.
Excess amount:the residual spend amount that remains after you have surpassed a checkpoint and broken into the next tier.

How does the program work?

How do I move up a tier?

Why have I been downgraded?

How do I redeem my rewards or get % off?

What if I become a Fine Adina's Gal from my first purchase?

How do I Give $15, Get $15? How do I refer a friend?

How do Birthday Rewards work?

How long are the codes live for?

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