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Adina's Herringbone Necklaces

Adina’s Jewels Herringbone Necklaces are a bold and glitzy addition to your jewelry collection. Infuse princess-like grace into your every movement as the light shimmers along the surface of your sleek Thick Herringbone Necklace. Play with different layers of golden whimsy by wearing our flawless Ultimate Stack Combo Set. Find the luxe garment that perfectly reflects your feminine sophistication and makes you feel like the world is your oyster!

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Heart x Herringbone Necklace
$ 125.00
Tennis Choker X Herringbone Necklace Combo Set
$ 178.00
Night On The Town Combo Set
From $ 98.00 - $ 102.00
Herringbone Necklace
From $ 74.00 - $ 90.00
Herringbone Choker
$ 68.00
Ultimate Layering Necklace Combo Set
$ 218.00

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