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Bracelets Personalized For You

Personalized style is perfected with Adina’s customizable bracelets, expertly crafted in either vibrant 14K gold or signature gold vermeil. With designs that are adorned in diamonds or show off unique, captivating patterns, these gems are simply irresistible. Create your own statement piece or one for a friend that will have both of you outshining the crowd at any event.

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Tiny Lowercase Pavé Initial Bracelet
$ 58.00
Pavé Butterfly Initial Bracelet
$ 65.00
Mini Lowercase Nameplate Bracelet
$ 120.00
Engraved Heart Bracelet
$ 68.00
Diamond Initial Bezel Bracelet 14K
$ 368.00
Diamond Double Chain Name Bracelet 14K
From $ 798.00 - $ 1,098.00
Mini Nameplate Bracelet
$ 138.00
14K Gold
Mini Nameplate Bracelet 14K
$ 550.00
Gothic Year Nameplate Bracelet
$ 98.00
14K Gold
Gothic Year Nameplate Bracelet 14K
$ 398.00
Diamond Name Bangle 14K
$ 4,498.00
14K Gold
Engraved Plate Bracelet 14K
$ 398.00
Pavé Gothic Lowercase Initial Bracelet
$ 78.00
Engraved Diamond Pavé Bar Bracelet 14K
$ 798.00
Diamond Uppercase Initial Double Chain Bracelet 14K
$ 898.00
14K Gold
Engraved Open Star Bar Link Bracelet 14K
$ 488.00

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